The Midnight Baker

Fresh Baked Cakes and Pastries

Baking to me is a real science, with a few ingredients you can create the most wonderful desserts. At The Midnight Bakers kitchen I like to mix old and new. I am always willing to try a new recipe and make them my own but will forever love the recipes that have been past down in the family. I strive to produce perfect product for your special events.

I am peanut and tree nut aware. On special request I can provide products with nuts. I have started to make diabetic friendly treats and gluten free cakes and pastries. Everyone deserves a treat and the sky is the limit.

I require 3 to 5 days notice for single tier cakes, cupcakes and pasteries. Multiple tier cakes and favors require 10 to 14 days notice and a minimum 25% deposit. All product can be delivered at a small additional cost and is guarenteed when delivered. If the product is more then 30% damaged it will be free.