The Midnight Baker

Fresh Baked Cakes and Pastries

If theres a party I want to be apart of it! Specialized Cakes and Favors are available. All specialty cakes are priced by size and custom detailing. Please contact for a quote.

All cakes can either be covered with a Buttercream or Fondont Icing. All prices are a base price that includes a buttercream filling. Cakes can be customized at additional cost. 

Basic two layer cake with buttercream frosting: 9 inch  $15.00

Basic four layer cake with buttercream frosting: 9 inch  $20.00

Customized Cake size and starting prices:        6 inch  $25.00

                                                                      8 inch  $35.00

                                                                     10 inch $45.00

Multi tiered cakes start at $50.00

Cupcakes start at $1.50 each - minimum order of 12

Mini Cupcakes $0.50 each - minimum order of 24

Character Cupcakes start at $2.50 each - minimum of order of 6

   FLAVORS                                                                                 ICING   

Vanilla                     Lemon Chiffon                                              Vanilla Buttercream            Fondant 
Chocolate                Apple Spice                                                  Chocolate Buttercream    
Lemon                     Angel Food                                                   Coffee Buttercream
Carrot                      Sponge Cake                                                Maple Buttercream
Chocolate Coffee      Red Velvet                                                   Cream Cheese